How Convicted Are You About Your Life Dreams???

Are you convicted to fight for your dreams and passions?

After writing the previous post about leadership lessons learned from Dr. Martin Luther King about a week ago, I had the opportunity to connect with my weekly personal development life group of conscious friends who help keep me grounded, well-balanced, responsible and driven in everyday living.  We spoke about how life can be much more powerful when living by personal conviction and passion.  Living by your convictions can give you the added boost to achieve your life goals and dreams.  Often times the roots of your actions are based on your personal convictions.

Estuave is a very driven member in my weekly life leadership group. His father is a Window Tinting Specialist with more than 19 years of experience.  Estuave always speaks about his father instilling him with the understanding of living by personal conviction and a life of passion that is fulfilling.  Estuave plans on owning his own window tinting shop and at the end of the year of 2017 after following his father’s advice.  It is very empowering to see him walking in his personal conviction by doing what is needed to open and own his window tinting shop.

Estuave often says his dad always influenced him to have a passion and start a company based on that passion of a specific hobby instead of just working a 9 to 5 job.  “Going to work is good but working for yourself and living your dreams, THAT IS GREAT!” Estuave said.

When he said this, it made a lot of sense.  It resonated & clicked with me.  He said it with such knowing and truth that it influenced me. He had me and others thinking and wanting to do something similarly about our lives.  I believe the reason it clicked with me is because Estuave knows that working for himself is very critical to living a fuller life.  He was raised up on this conviction from his father and it is a real part of Estuave being.  His conviction moves, motivates and drives him to be a successful business owner.

So, what does the word conviction mean?

Well, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary, it is a strong opinion or feeling of being completely sure of what you say and believe is true”.  Here are some examples of what I believe conviction to be.   

When looking at Dr. MLK in the previous post, he was obviously a leader based on conviction and his personal belief seeing society living a life of equality.  The same is true with mother Teresa who lives by the conviction that human beings should love, be at peace and live to love others, which will make the world a better place.  Let’s look at Hitler for a negative point of view on conviction.   He was so convinced that killing a specific race of people will make the world a better place.  Or look at terrorists who destroy or blow others up due to their belief that they are making the world a better place and the go to a better after-life for their actions.

A perfect and final example of personal conviction is found in the movie “Conviction” which is based on the real-life story of Betty Anne Waters. Her brother was placed in jail for life for a crime he did not commit.  For 18 to 19 years, she fought for him and his freedom to be free again.  She was SO CONVINCED OF HER BROTHER FREEDOM THAT SHE TRANSFORMED INTO A LAWYER TO FIGHT FOR HIS FREEDOM.

Even when things looked “impossible”, she never gave up.  Betty was 100% committed to her cause and what she wanted.  Are you doing the same?  We live in a country where people have fought for our “freedoms” and rights but it is so common to see people living a mediocre life of just settling for very little or nothing instead of having something to die or even greater, live for.  The ending of this movie will inspire and hopefully empower you to fight for your family, visions and dreams.

When I look at Betty’s life and her example in the movie it reminds me of Dr King and other leaders like him, who live against the mental grain of society and based on their belief or convictions, strive to make the world a better place.  Living based on conviction is virally infectious.  I am moved to want to do better with my life based on it since this meeting.


There is a great reward for taking the time to discover what your beliefs and convictions are moving you to live the life you currently living now.

A belief is a repetitive thought you keep thinking and conviction is the downloaded program in our subconscious brain that runs on auto-pilot.  This means that we will act on our conviction without even thinking about what could happen.

So I encourage you to ask yourself:
What are you convicted of?
Why are you convicted of it?
What do you believe?
How is this thought benefiting you to live a better living life? 

It is my hope that you have read this post and feel inspired to
Be Moved, Motivated, Take Action And Participate in life.

Don’t just stand there CONVICTED.
GO DO SOMETHING my friend!!!







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