Lessons Of Leadership: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Lessons Of Leadership Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.I again wanted to just acknowledge visionary Dr. Martin Luther King as an American and World culture changer. It is so easy to take his holiday for granted on the 3 day weekend, but I really want you to take the time to reflect on his leadership lessons left behind by his intentions, action, faith and leadership.

Lets look at different lesson points as to why banks, stores and federal institutions are closed on January 16 every year and how we as entrepreneurs and business leaders can learn Leadership Lessons from Dr. Martin Luther King.


Lessons Of Leadership 1:

Dr. King dreamed bigger than the era that he was born in. Isn’t this what real visionaries embody? Bringing wakefulness, benevolence, compassion, personal empowerment and transformational change? I BEieve his “I Have A Dream” speech brought wakefulness and understanding to the consciousness nationally regarding the civil rights of American and the world.

Did you know that Dr. King led a non-violent social movement (one of many) that was not very popular the time. He took this action to fight racism, classism and other isms that affected the world for the worst. This movement really highlighted his leadership since HE WAS SOLD OUT AND COMMITTED TO HIS MISSION, CAUSE & VISION even though he was attacked, insulted, endangered injured by people opposing his peaceful civil rights stance. He was true until his death.

My Take From This Point:
What and how committed are you to your vision, cause and beliefs regarding your dreams? What level of passion and commitment do you bring to your dreams, personal development and success?

Are you committed regardless of “setbacks”, which are really setups for success? If you died today, what will you be remembered for?


Lessons Of Leadership 2:
Important Change Ingredient Interrupting
The Status Quo

Today, many have a better understanding of Dr. King’s efforts and actions. He was willing to pay the heavy price to see the U.S. and the world have equality and freedom. Dr. King over stood that his vision and action for his beliefs was very unpopular as he went against the majority of societies mentality.

To change society by your influence and belief of your dreams, you must stimulate change and transformation. We will have to do different things to change the mindsets of the popular or majority when we change to be more excellent and live a life of your dreams.

Dr. King successfully made the choice to change society for the better with regards to equality & freedom for all. BECAUSE HE NEVER ACCEPTED

Dr. King never agreed with society remaining to be same. Just because everyone is doing something does not make it right. It does not mean you or I have to be the status quo.

My Take From This Point:

What do your actions say about your convictions of your dreams? What actions do you take to undergo changing within yourself to make your dreams come true? What do your actions say about you when the majority of people choose mediocrity because it is easy but you choose excellence because it challenges and develops you to the higher level?

How about in your corporate culture or business values?
Are you being a leader setting the new level excellence and set yourself apart being different from the majority?
Are you convicted and convicted that you’re dreams, goals & lifestyle of excellence more then the mediocrity of the majority.


Lessons Of Leadership 3:
Have, Be, Talk & Do Your Dream

Is the conviction of your dream louder than the static noise of the majority? How operational and powerful is your dream if you are silent about it? What is your vision for your company? If someone said your name, do people around that person think of a leader convicted of their dreams or just another person that is just like everyone else?

When Dr. King stated in his famous and amazing speech that he was happy to be demonstrating the greatest action in history for freedom and equality, HE WAS BEING LOUD ABOUT IT!!!

It’s one thing to only dream about your dream. It is another to be speaking and taking action to make that dream right. This is what leaders do. We possess great dreams and goals to walk the walk to get there.   Dr. king took huge quantum leap steps to make the world SEE AND HEAR that he was convicted and convinced of his dream.

Think about this. If Dr. Kings action lead him to being remembered and celebrated today for what hew was convicted and convicted on in his day and time, what are you doing to be remembered from standing up and standing out for your dreams and personal success?

I want to challenge you today to CHANGE YOUR DREAMING INTO DOING regardless of what the majority is doing and how they are living.


Doesn’t your future and family deserve the best?

I know mine does and I refuse to be quiet about living a better life.

And so should you.

Thank you Dr. King for your example of excellence, conviction and leadership success.




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