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1. RainbowUnity.Org Content-Welcome Blog 1st PostHello my friends.  Welcome to my new website named The Rainbow Unity.  This is my first post and wanted to take the time to say “great day” (or night) to all my readers and fellow bloggers reading this post and rest of my blog.  My name is Richard and I am from Phoenix Arizona a conscious entrepreneur.

This purpose of this blog is to share how understanding and embracing multiculturalism in the workplace makes the workplace and business flourish. I will share about my perspectives, what I am learning, my
challenges, overcoming’s, wins, drive, dreams and more.  
Take time to read my simple bio here as I do my best to explain my vision for this blog and how I am doing my best to contribute too and better the world.

I remember having traveled to different parts of the world and observing how my friends and colleges approached business and everyday dealings arrogantly and how it harmed them by keeping them from getting the results they were looking for or better yet, never giving the international prospect, customer, acquaintance or friend what they needed because of lacking cultural awareness and understanding. Not only is being aware great for business dealings but also powerful for personal leadership development and how much of a great well-rounded person you will become as a result.

So just for starts, I’m going to share about cultural sensitivity being vital in business dealings. This will be the next post so stay tuned.  Feel free to check out my post about What Dr. Martin Luther King Teaches About Business Success.

I’m really excited because it gives a very solid point of view that many end up missing but, it often times makes a world of a world of difference when conducting business with others both internationally or domestic. This works even with your next-door neighbor who is American. You never know what results you can get when you respect and acknowledge person’s cultural background.

The different blog posts on this blog will reveal more about respecting others in business dealings.

So, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, as I will post my very first article.

Awesome. Stay cool. Be respectful to receive respect from others.

See you tomorrow.


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