What Dr. Martin Luther King Teaches About Business Success Prt2

Hope all is well with you.What Dr. Martin Luther King Teaches About Business Success Prt2  In the last post, I wrote about insights on success that we can pull from Dr. MLK’s teachings.  Let’s continue without further ado.

Dr. Martin Luther King found the importance of being a solid leader was found not in finding different leaders but being able to develop leaders focused on one vision. When you look at the movement of civil rights, you will see the mixture of many different movements striving for social transformation. This leads to different types of ambitions and leadership. Even though Dr. King and his fellow leaders did not try to command or dictate the different groups but instead, managed to get all the different groups to work in sync and harmony together.  Six different organizations successfully came together to March on Washington even though there were a lot of differences.

How did Dr. MLK do this? He addressed and shared sound values that focused passed differences of the different groups. In my point of view, HE SUCCESSFULLY SOLD THE VALUE OF UNITY OVER DIFFERENCE TOWARDS A COMMON GOAL.

In my point of view, a leader should focus on what is import to the group rather than what is important to him/her as a leader.  If something happens to the leader such as false allegations, character assassination, and other attempts to stop the movement from outside opposing groups, the movement will still move forward based on the vision being pursued instead of being dependent on one leader.

Change Including All People
It is very interesting to know that Dr. King campaigned for deprived Afro-Americans not having much in common. However, Dr. King was chosen to be president of his majority white school of theology.

What really stands out to me about the “I have a dream speech” is when Dr. King talks about approaching the architects of the Republic of the United States with a check in hand to be cashed. Dr. King was referring to the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and how it is like a promissory note for all Americans to cash.

However, for African-Americans cashing our check, the U.S. has dodged the promissory note when being deemed as Non-sufficiently funded. I like how he brought up reparations for the past slavery and then, bring the focus and attention not on money but rather cashing in on equality of education, inclusive access, health care fair wages which will enhance society over all.

Dr. King did not fight for racial equality and justice for Afro-Americans at that time but also for all of Man & Women kind all around the world.

My personal reflection:
We can all embody the leadership characteristics of Dr. King and how he was really about dreaming for not only his future family but the family of humankind being one rather than divided. What dreams/vision are you and your workplace associates working together towards? Are you separated and united to achieve success as one unit? When you form coalitions focused on unification rather than division, you will find it easier to achieve success. You can the cash in on joint success as a whole with other people you work with at the job or entrepreneurial objectives.

One of the dreams and goals I have is not to become wealthy for my family to live a better life, but to live and leave a legacy instilling leadership qualities into my children to better the world after bettering the self and communities all over the world.

I am confident that this honors the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr., People kind and more importantly, God.

What are you doing to better yourself, family, friends, community, state, country and the world? Fight for your dreams just like Dr. MLK.

I hope this post has stimulated more thought for you to transform for the better.

See ya next time!!!!


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