Who I Am

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My name is Richard and I am 26 years of age residing in Phoenix Arizona for most of my life. I have learned my purpose is to promote better business & personal leadership through multiculturalism in the workplace.

I don’t come from a rich background but from one where my parents taught strong work ethic. I love and appreciate identifying goals and striving to reach them and pushing myself to make my visions reality.

As you read the articles on my blog page, you will find that I love people, promoting business and understanding insightful living with purpose and meaning.

So, on RainbowUnity.Org, you will find the common topic discussed is how multiculturalism increases personal leadership enhancing a successful work/business enviroment for the better.

My life goal is to own my personal leadership and business development coaching foundation focused on using multiculturalism to enhance the workplace and businesses.

I mean think about it. Understanding and others and where they come from will help you to connect with and serve clients or customers better. This truly affects the success of business better due to harmony and collaboration after learning of others and self.

So, just wait and see how multiculturalism in the workplace/business will Increase ProductivityCreativity, Enhanced New MethodsNew Attitudes and more will add to a more successful and harmonious environment boosting teamwork, sensitivity, awareness and tact of fellow workers and customers alike which lead to long-term business success.  Come back here to read more articles on these subjects.

So take the time to reach out and connect if you are a striving and driven leader who wants to connect with others just like you wanting more out of life.


Thank you